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22% WIDER SPACE Than The Average Roof Top Tent!
Comfortable & SPACIOUS For Up To Three People!

Above and Beyond the RTTs :
A New Era Begins with HITCH-HOME

Introducing HITCH-HOME, the revolutionary hitch receiver detachable air-tent designed to elevate your camping experience, wherever and any season, HITCH-HOME will be your best camping companion!

Have you ever experienced or considered the following challenges while using a Roof Top Tent?

Inconvenience and safety risks, due to the need for a ladder.

Must be constantly attached to the vehicle.

After installing the tent,
you cannot use your vehicle.

Unable to use the sunroof.

Wind noise and reduced fuel efficiency while driving.

Automatic car wash is not possible.

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Get a HITCH-HOME! Free from the RTT's stress! (9).gif

The World’s First Hitch-type Air Tent

Revolutionize Your Camping Experience with HITCH-HOME

Unveil the freedom of our collapsible air tent, effortlessly attached to and detached from your car. HITCH-HOME’s docking system offers a versatile transformation from a compact tent to large-scale winter tent to enjoy various outdoor activities. Seamless hard-case and inflatable tent design promises luxurious and convenient outdoor life, complemented by a 5.9" (15cm) air mattress for a cozy and comfortable night's sleep.

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Freedom Beyond RTT's Limits

Experience true freedom, breaking free from rooftop tent constraints with the unique separation between your tent and car.

Ultimate Convenience

Easy Quick 3 minutes set-up!
Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional tent setup, thanks to air-inflated tent.

Detachable Design

Easily detach for separate use and convenient transport with wheels.

Super Lightweight

Weighing approximately 77lbs (35kg), it is the lightest hitch-mounted air tent for easy transport!

12V DC Outlet

Enjoy enhanced convenience with our 12V DC Outlet, providing convenient access to electrical usage.

REAL Adventure Starts Now

Goodbye Uncomfortable Camping. Hello HITCH-HOME.

The Perfect
Outdoor Companion

Seamlessly attached to your car, HITCH-HOME transforms your journey into a luxurious escape.

Suitable for All
Types of Explorers

Adaptable for solo explorers, couples on a romantic getaway, or families embarking on an exciting road trip.

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Enjoy with
Friends and Family

Share the joy of camping with loved ones, as HITCH-HOME blends comfort and connection.

Save Costs and Minimize
Your Camping Gear

Why bother with multiple tents, tarps, and camping mattresses for year-round outdoor adventures? HITCH-HOME offers an all-season camping solution,

covering general and ground camping to moto-camping, all-in-one HITCH-HOME set!






Hitch-Home Duo+

84.2 × 64.1inch

2 to 3 person

33.8 × 45.3 × 16.1inch

Body : Polycotton, 300D Polyester /
Storage : PP / Air mattress : TPU

77lbs (35kg)

Tent Type

Sleeping area


Case Body


Total Weight

" 22% Wider sleeping space than general Rooftop tent "

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Kickstarter Special


Hitch-Home Air Duo+
Backer Reward

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Hitch-Home Successfully Funded on Kickstarter

As we embark on this journey, we appreciate the incredible support from the crowdfunding community! Join us as we redefine camping adventures together.


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